About Abbett Farms

Lou Abbett

The patriarch of the Abbett family, Lou Abbett, began farming in Lacrosse, IN, after graduating from college in 1968. Initially Lou’s farm was small and only used as a supplement to his teaching job. However, by renting additional acres, Lou was able to grow his farm allowing him to resign his teaching position and focus solely on Abbett Farms.

Glenn Abbett

Having grown up on Abbett Farms, Glenn Abbett was intimately acquainted with the family business and officially took a position on the farm after graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since joining Abbett Farms, Glenn has taken over as the primary operating manager.

The Abbett Farms Team:

  • Lou and Joan Abbett provide general guidance and oversight.
  • Glenn and Leslie Abbett are the primary operating managers.
  • Corey Smoker is the principal manager of the commercial side of the business and has been with Abbett Farms since the age of 13. He holds an Agricultural Economics degree from Purdue University.
  • Kevin Ketchmark began with Abbett Farms in 1993 and works with the tomato and specialty crop enterprises.
  • Adam Koontz joined Abbett farms in 2007 and also works with the tomato and specialty crop enterprises.
  • Ted Koselke is the electrician for Abbett Farms.
  • Don Severson maintains the 35 irrigation systems.
  • John Shultz manages the service department in the shop.
  • Dick Dewey works part-time with tomato planting and harvesting.
  • Amy Bolen is the farm’s corporate counsel and works in the office on financial and legal matters.
  • Tyler Abbett, age 12, and Austin Abbett, Age 11, both work weekends and after practices to help with field work or other odd jobs.
  • Casey Abbett, Age 10 and Gracie Abbett, Age 7 enjoy smaller jobs such as walking behind the tomato planter or simply riding with dad in the tractor.

Working at Abbett Farms

Abbett Farms works hard to keep their employees happy, providing a positive work environment, a family atmosphere, and competitive compensation. Employees are granted a significant amount of autonomy, allowing them to perform their specific job in the manner they deem appropriate. Consequently, employees at Abbett Farms feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Abbett Farms continues to be a fun, challenging, and rewarding place of employment.

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